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Program And Services 

Single motherhood has grown common in America. Today 80 percent of single-parent families are headed by single mothers. Single mothers experience great pressure and stress, affecting their ability to thrive and reach their full potential. Through Mom Pro Network programming, clients can access education and skills that help them accomplish their goals.

Key Principles: Live, Breathe, & Balance

Living Intentionally Victorious Everyday

This module empowers clients to live their dreams and reach their full potential with intentionality. Clients receive individualized support and training to help them overcome obstacles and succeed professionally and personally. 

Blissfully Resting Exhaling All Things Hindering Excellence

This module equips our clients with tools to manage stress through stress reduction, stress management, physical wellness, and mental health awareness. 

Being Aligned Living And Nurturing Change Effectively

This module educates our clients on how to balance motherhood. Clients will identify their personal values and learn the tools to manage their time appropriately. 

10-Week cohort learning designed for the busy single mother, learn how to thrive and reach your goals while balancing motherhood.


This course is designed to introduce you to the steps to homeownership. You will learn how to get started, as well as:

  • How much house you can afford

  • The mortgage process

  • Down payment assistance programs

  • Closing your mortgage loan

  • New construction options

Financial Wellness

This course introduces moms to basic financial literacy skills to help them make responsible financial decisions. Concepts covered include financial planning, bank accounts, credit and loans, wages and taxes, investments, and insurance.

Career Development 

This course is designed to give moms a very early start on the process of career planning and development. Learn your God-given gifts through thoughtful self-assessment, career exploration, planning, and follow-through with preliminary employment strategies. You will learn interview strategies, how to create or brush up on your resume and how to network to create opportunities. 

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is the perfect place to upgrade your job skills, learn a new trade, have fun or explore your interests.  You will:

  • Choose a career path

  • Select a program or certification

  • Review learning options

  • Learn how to apply for scholarships, grants, and financial aid

Business Development 

This course explores all aspects of creating a new venture from idea through startup, growth, and beyond. You will learn how to evaluate opportunities, develop strategies, create a business plan, and acquire financing for a new venture.

Mental Health Matters

 This course highlights important information on how stress impacts mental health, dispels some of the misconceptions frequently linked with mental health issues and offers a range of practical strategies to support balancing motherhood. Topics include depression, anxiety, trauma, and self-care. 

Time Management 

This course teaches you to develop a clear sense of purpose, structure priorities, overcome negative behavior patterns, and leverage practical strategies, tools, and techniques to develop better time management skills.

Physical Wellness 

This course provides an overview of the concepts of wellness and physical fitness. Topics include fitness, nutrition, stress management, and holistic health.

Creating Your Personal Network

Personal Networking is the development of relationships with groups or people with whom we have similar interests. This course will guide you to find the right people to network with and resources to help you succeed. 

My Next Steps 

This course is a one-on-one session with your coach to help you develop your long-term plan for success. 

Spirituality, Single & Dating 

This Christian-based course introduces you to the three important relationships that affect how you relate to others. Topics include: 

  • Self Love

  • Recognizing Unhealthy Relational Patterns

  • What Am I Looking For in a Mate 

Mom Pro Network E- Learning 

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Other Support Services 

Browse our services below

Special Needs Transition Support Services 

Information and support on how to move through the transition process for special needs adults. 

Mom's Day Out 

Quarterly social event 

Domestic Violence Support Referrals

Provide referrals through partners

Special Needs Children Support Services 

Provide information about services for children with special needs.





2024 Session
Program Dates:
March 2-May 4th 

You're a single mother
You desire to meet and network with like-minded moms
You want to be empowered to make positive changes to reach your full potential
You can commit to actively participating and completing the program
You desire to live your dreams while balancing motherhood

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